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Nov 14 2014

Ever the Change in Seasons

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Welcome back.  OK, that was more for me than you, dear reader.  So what does life look like around the Kelsey camp as winter approaches in 2014?  Actually winter, which starts on what December 21st?, is a long ways off.  But last night we had the first snow that stayed on the ground for a bit.  The pictures were taken as we headed out at 9:00 at night to go visit mommy at work.

Yes, for the time being, Laura has taken a part time job to help us through this tight financial season when we have two and three kids attending academy and/or college.  This year and next year we have one in academy, one in college.  The following year we’ll have two in academy and one in college, the next year, um the 2017-2018 school year will be the top of the mountain.  A sophomore in academy and a freshman and senior in college.  That’s as bad as it gets.  Then six straight years like this one at one and one.  So a decade including the current school year.  People say it will fly by.  Who are these people, and can’t they keep their opinions to themselves?
What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, last night.  So I spent most of my evening on the computer with tech support setting up yet another e-mail address.  I told the boys we could go over at 8:00 pm, but that became more like 9:00.  But since she was closing, she’d be there until well past midnight, there was no hurry other than we needed to get there and back before I was too sleepy to drive.
Earlier in the day I had finished a proof of concept on creating a “plug-n-play” functionality for the hardware on the Deposit Kiosk I write software for.  If you have a friend or family member in jail or prison and you’ve used a kiosk there to deposit some money for them, you may have well used the software I write! That’s exciting to me.
The boys had homeschool and as our custom is they give me the rundown of the subjects they addressed and a highlight of what they covered.  Hannah called, but she was going out for a moment and I said by the time she called back we would be out, so she’ll catch us tonight.  And Joshua is pretty good about checking in, but last night he didn’t.
So other than the fact that I finished something instead of struggled with a problem all day without resolution, it was a pretty typical day these days around our place.  Thought you might be curious.

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