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Jan 31 2012

This Year is 8 1/3 % Over

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Well, what have we been doing with our 2012? The first month of the year is over already. Time is flying.

I have been trying to journal on Bible readings each day this year. I did pretty good for a while, but started tripping up at the end of the month. I’m going to get back on the ball. You can see how I did at As usual I have way more plans in my head than things going on. This month has actually been relatively quiet.

Laura came downstairs and announced that today she officially feels old. Her birthday isn’t until next month though. But she just saw pictures on Facebook of the little boy that she watched in day care at Hillcrest. He just posted up photos of his first child. Generations just keep on coming.

The boys have been busy facing a little bit of illness, playing video games, watching videos, and doing some homeschooling to balance it all out. The weather has been wildly sporadic, so there hasn’t been much in the way of snowball fights or sledding or anything.

Here’s Hannah’s report for this month:
Well…. honestly not that much happened in January. It was mostly spent getting back into the swing of school. Luckily I’ve managed to keep all A’s in my grades this month. We’ve had some school activities here at Sunnydale such as our annual Junk Game where you bring the most random stuff from your room and they call out something. Like they may call out pencils, or slippers, or test permits, or union college pens, or rubix cubes or clorox wipes. The Juniors won the game because their class is so big. The Seniors came in second, Sophomores in third, and Freshman in fourth. The rest of January was spent with baskeball games, music tours, and getting everyone ready for their mission trips to India, Africa, or Joplin. Also an epidemic of strep throat has broken out in the boy’s dorm here at school, but so far none of the girls have been affected. 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot more sleeping lately. It’s late. We have our Dave Ramsey budget for February done, and I’ve even produced this post as a bonus – so I can head off to bed without a smidge of guilt.

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