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Aug 14 2008

Hey! Where’d we go?

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We’re half way through August and nothing is happening at The Kelsey’s. That is mostly my fault. There have been plenty of pictures taken, and a fair amount of video. The problem in the process is that dad’s not getting things published out to everyone. Too much on his plate? You could say so.

I started a new contract where I’m not just doing development, but I also have some management responsibilities. This is a bit of a twist for me. I’m still not sure what to think about it. My church responsibilities haven’t lessened. I still have a bit of Peacemaker paperwork to do. And we have started working on peacemaking across Iowa and Missouri.

But it is August, and August means… The Thirty Day Challenge ! This is a free education on Internet Marketing. I participated last year and learned a ton of stuff. But it is a major time vacuum. The month is about half over, but the material will remain for people who are interested, indefinitely.

If you want to see a little more what we’ve been up to – here a web site I am trying for the thirty day challenge – It’s called I hate grass care . I’m taking my disdain for my lawn to a whole new level. I talk about how to manage your grass care . And I also show you some handy things you can buy to help you with your grass care. The idea being that if somebody buys what I’m promoting, I earn a commission.

My I Hate Grass Care site has a video that Joshua helped me with.  The kids have been helping where they can.  I have another site that I’m trying to work on too, but it hasn’t progressed as far – it’s Homeschool Software , but I’m having technical difficulties with that one.  Anyway, that’s keeping me pretty busy.

We’ve got more pictures and video from the church picnic, from vacation bible school, and from swimming lessons. And a little more from the thirty day challenge. Stay tuned, there’s plenty more to come.

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