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Jan 13 2008

“Puppy Pals” episode #1

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Here is the first episode done by the kelsey kids. They called the show “Puppy Pals.” If you don’t quite follow all the dialog – your aren’t alone. Why the show got the rating it did (Y7!) I’m not sure either, maybe I’m not mature enough to watch it myself.

I have the credits and the actual transcripts in my possession now. Here is the basic transcript:

Butterskotch (Butter): Hannah Kelsey
Bluerasberry (Blue): Joshua Kelsey
Sound (Foley Artist): Caleb Kelsey

Blue: Now, where have you been?!
Butter: Um, at school.
Blue: Ohhhh, school is for wackos.
Butter: (angrily) Are you calling me a WACKO?!
Blue: Your my girlfriend, and I have to be honest with you. So……. yes, I’m calling you a wacko.
Sound: “slap.”
Blue: Awww! That must have been a slap…. of love.
Sound: “Slap!”
Blue: Oww! You broke my cheek, baby!
Butter: Hey! What’s that?!
Sound: “Air plane sound”
Blue: And what’s that?!
Both: Uh-oh! We’ve got some funnies… coming out of our tummies!! (Barf sound)
End Credits.

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