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Mar 31 2009

The beginning of “The End”

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Well, it’s finally arrived.  The first inklings of a sign of the end of an era.  Last night, with evidently no prodding on any family member’s part.  Nathan decided to take a stab at pooping on the potty.

He came downstairs with no pants on, holding out his hands saying that he needed a new pull-up.  It was getting dark in the room so I couldn’t see anything unusual, so I replied just a minute… (I was looking something up, how unusual).

Next I heard Caleb call down that he needed help cleaning up the poop.  What?!? As I came upstairs he explained that Nathan had tried (an ‘A’ for effort at least) to use the toilet.  He mostly got it all in there.  Just a little on the lid, some on his leg, and little portions helping to keep his fingers stuck together.

We got the little guy some relief.  He wasn’t sure whether to cry or cheer.  We left the toilet in its somewhat soiled condition as mommie would be home in a few minutes and it would be good for her to see the evidence.  Plus I had done the fingers, the leg, and the unwiped bottom – well, frankly, I was pooped.  (wah-wah!)

My father-in-law called right as we were running down stairs as we heard the garage door opening.  We took Laura up to the scene of the crime.  She couldn’t believe it.  We all cheered for such a great accomplishment.  Nathan exclaimed one of his all time favorite sayings: “I so happy!”

When he gets a handle on the idea of proper body waste disposal, it will be the end of a decade plus of childhood incontinence.  I’m not saying it won’t be a welcomed change, but it’s just another signpost in life saying the time marches on.

On another note, we went and signed our taxes at the end of the night. My dad just started doing taxes for H & R Block; he asked us to help him out, so we did. He found way more money than our normal tax guy had. It was quite a good deal. Way to go dad! I don’t like getting refunds because it says that the government has been playing around all year with money that could’ve helped my family. But we’ll take it back happily.

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Mar 31 2009

March – In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion

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(Yes, I know March is supposed to be in like a lion and out like a lamb – artistic license…)
Wow!  Did the month of March just – slip by?  I guess it just did.  Oh so many things to keep track of I’ll just have to give out little snippets of random news.  Let’s see…

New Internet Connection
We upgraded and are going faster now, one idea was that it would be easier to post audio podcasts and maybe even video podcasts – – stay tuned for some experimentation!

New Tax Man
My dad’s working with H & R Block now and we signed up to be tax guinea pigs. He’s had a hard time getting us to get our act together. But it’s all over but the signing now – tonight, in fact.

Working on an Internet Start-Up
It’s not really official, we haven’t put the word out much of anyplace. So you’re basically the first to know if you’re reading it here. But we’re creating an online community for homeschoolers called “Barnabas Way.” Right now it’s just a blog: but you can check it out and make sure you tell your homeschooling friends that it’s coming. I’m sure I’ll share more details as the firm up.

Looking at Irons in the Fire Worth Dropping
I’m taking inventory of all the things I’m involved in and trying to figure out what can be cut back. Between church, work, politics (FairTax? Tea Party? Run for office maybe?), 2 started books, 5 or so blogs, video archiving, an aging body, audio engineering, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, media uploading, server maintenance, peacemaking ministry, kids growing faster than I can follow, and a house that’s starting to need handyman help ready or not. Some things are going to have to change.

Financial Pinch is Full On
2008 was not a great year for us financially. I was out of work in May, December, and half of January 2009. So we are still building our savings back up. It’s very frightening living from paycheck to paycheck. Some people do it all the time – I wouldn’t be able to take that. We have touched the bottom of the pool and are swimming to the surface as fast as we can. It’s still not fun when your lungs are burning and you can see how far you are from the air. There are many out there worse off than we are. But it is more personal when you’re being touched by the situation specifically. We’re praying that some invoices will get paid TODAY!

Well, that’s just a few of the things happening in March at the Kelsey’s. I’ve got to run off to work. I’ll try to get a little more out to you tonight.

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