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Feb 24 2009

All for Christmas or a long time comin’

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It took a while, but it’s finally happened.  Caleb has both of his big teeth.  When he was three or so (ok, it’s 4 am, I’m not capable of doing year math – that’s why it’s not exact), we were in Atlanta for our first Peacemaker conference and Caleb smashed his face on a stone step at the hotel.  His lips and gums were swollen and black.

Eventually that left front tooth discolored, and thanks to his rambunctious brother, it came (was knocked) out.  He went a long time with just the one front tooth.  I was worried that he might have damaged the root of the permanent tooth.

But just a few weeks ago it showed up and started to come in.  And then the other one started to make an appearance.  In fact his remaining front tooth had become rather stubborn.  Look.

It was hanging in there even as the bigger tooth came up behind and started pushing it out.  In fact, as it pushed that baby tooth forward we started to see our families best ever “Larry the Cucumber” impression.  It was even in 3-D.

It’s all over now, and I am so very thankful.  Whether it’s Christmas or not.  All I wanted was his two front teeth.  I don’t foresee Caleb as a hockey star, but either way – I think I’m going to invest in a mouthguard for him that he can just take with him everywhere he goes.

Oh, keep your teeth in…

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Feb 16 2009

Well, we got rid of the rodent

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The last week or two around the house have been interesting.  One of my least favorite sounds is that of “munch, munch, munch” on the frame inside the walls or up in the attic.  This sound is followed closely on my no-no list with the sound of little clawed feet scurrying about in those same spaces.

We have been hearing these things recently.  A couple of weeks ago we had actual combat taking place.  I am sure it was on the roof as it went across the whole house, even our bedroom which has a vaulted ceiling – so there is no attic space above us.  We heard the battle right over head.  Some foe was vanquished – we heard their pitiful cries for mercy.  None was given.  We got to hear some poor creature meet it’s untimely end right above our heads that morning.

It wasn’t long after that when we started seeing a little gray flash out of the corner of our collective eyes.  I thought I saw something in the basement, but decided it was just a shadow of a little car hanging from the light string…

Then Laura said she thought she saw something while Facebooking one night.  Then a few nights later the kids saw it – the mouse!  It scurried behind the couch.  There was much screaming and running about.

We decided something draconian must be done.  So at the beginning of the month I did a bunch of Googly research and bought some Victory traps, some glue paper, and some smelly concoction from a web site (that hasn’t arrived yet in the mail).  We set the traps and waited – nothing.

Late last week Laura saw it again.  Only this time the creature was so bold to stop and give her a stare back before scrambling away.  We decided that these traps were not actually self baiting as they claimed.  So late Saturday night, I added a dab of peanut butter to one trap.

About 30 minutes later… <!”SNAP”!> and it was over.  I looked and saw a wiggly tale and a shaky arm.  Looking a little close I could see that a spine had been broken.  It was about as quick, painless, and efficient as such things could possibly be.

I woke Laura up to inform her, secretly hoping she would get up and help with the aftermath.  But I guess grossness only pertains the the kids’ issues.  She just said, “That’s great dear” and rolled over.

So I went down and wrapped my hand in a plastic bag and grabbed the corner of the trap.  I was afraid that it’s friends would come out to defend their compatriot against me.  But Reepacheep was evidently occupied elsewhere.  I picked up the corner of the trap with the limp body dangling off the other side.  I managed to take it out and put it on the garage floor.

I then got a freezer bag and placed the trap and all inside.  I also stuffed in the grocery bag that I used as a glove.  So all the biohazard material was contained.  I left it in the garage to show the family that the deed was indeed done.  I also replaced the trap with a new one with peanut butter – nothing has happened since.  Did we actually have just a solo act?

When everyone got up the kids were facinated.  Hannah couldn’t bear to look, but she was willing to have Joshua take a picture for her on her camera so she could gross out her friends.  We do have pictures, but I haven’t posted them because we do want this to be a family friendly web site.

What do you think?  Should pictures of vaquished vermin be placed on The Kelsey’s family blog?  Or is that just T.M.I. (too much information).  Share your feedback with us by commenting on this post.

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