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Feb 27 2008

Hand me downs – once too often

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Life’s hard being the third boy. You get hand me, hand me downs! Earlier this month, Nathan faced the reality that boy’s clothes can be tough – but never tough enough.

We were sitting down for dinner and we heard a “riiiiipp”. Nathan looked around to see if something was behind him. But instead it was just the material next to the seam right around his back pocket giving way to his behind!

He walked around a little bit as he began to experience the new found freedom of movement, as well as a considerable draft.

As he made this discovery, he started to pull on the material in an effort to rectify the situation, but it was no use. He finally turned to mommy for help. After a moment of examination it was clear that these pants were done for. It took little or no effort to pull the material asunder.

So we let him parade around in his tattered jeans for a few moments. There was much laughter and he was pretty proud of the little comedian he had become. Since the camera was nearby I thought I’d take a few shots (nothing untoward) and post them up for you to see. Even the most rugged of dungarees can’t stand up to a few adventurous boys!

The End!

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Feb 12 2008

What does homeschool look like?

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Here are a few snapshots of life at the Kelsey homeschool.  We start off with our typical layout.  Everyone is gathered around the table with assignments – diligently working.

Caleb is having a good day at school.

Joshua is clowning around.  All work and no play is just an unacceptable option.

Hannah is filled with thoughts of where her education will lead her in life.  The possibilities are endless.

Nathan is having such fun while the older kids are “chained to their chairs.”  Don’t worry, bub, your day is coming – and sooner than you think.

These were all taken the day I was home sick, Feb. 5, 2008.  Thanks for stopping by.

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Feb 06 2008

A virus tears through the house

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This hasn’t happened for a long time. A virus tore through our family and no one escaped. It started with Nathan who got sick at Church last Sabbath and Laura took him home along with Hannah and Caleb. Joshua and I stayed after to talk to church members about being part of a peacemaking ministry. Later Saturday night Caleb joined in.

Hannah was getting nervous. You know you can’t see germs – but they’re floating around out there. She started to spend a little more time in her room.

On Sunday, Nathan and later Caleb were back up and around. While Laura was out running errands, Joshua started complaining that he wasn’t feeling well. And then it hit him full force. Then Sunday night were dedicated to Hannah and Laura being sick.

I opted to stay home and work from home to avoid my family epidemic from reaching a workplace and spreading like wildfire. I guess I forgot that the reason that I usually avoided illnesses that spread through the Kelsey’s is that I’m actually away from the home most of the day. But after a day of trying to spare my colleagues, I was attacked at about 10:30 pm on Monday night. I was sick all the way until about 6 am. I just took Tuesday off sick because I was so dehydrated, sleep deprived, and weak.

This virus was very violent, but thankfully for all of us, it was fast acting. About 18 hours were enough to fully dispatch it. So now today, we are fully through the cycle. It’s been a tough couple of days. So now the question is how do you get your life back into the swing after facing a few days of sickness.

We’re better now – but the question is will we get back to normal. Normal? What’s that?

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