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Nov 30 2009

Over The River and Through The Skies

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Grandmother came to our house for Thanksgiving this year.  I took Friday off to be home as much as possible.  I was the only one in my department to do so – is the world just becoming less thankful these days?

As is traditional, Laura made more food than we could possibly eat.  The new twist this year was to augment our failing fridge … Laura will tell you that it is literally being held together by duct tape, but it’s actually a combination of duct tape and electrical tape … we used a box out in the sun room as an ad hoc fridge.  We just set extra dishes out there and let the 40 or so degree weather act as a chiller.

I did my best to supplement all my meals for days with the pies, dishes, and sides from the outdoor chiller and the fridge.  I think I’ve been binge eating for 5 days now.

Nathan has made a big change in that he now can face Grandma Gee Gee and not roll his eyes or try to get away.  She’s now an accepted part of his world.

With our thankfulness complete, it’s now time for Christmas plans – decorations and “stuffs.”

Another rarity was that we took advantage of an in-home Grandma babysitter to head out and watch “The Little House on The Prairie” play at the Fox.  I was drowsy in the dim lights before the curtain went up – but I didn’t snooze a wink.  That was Laura’s criteria for my success, so woo hoo!

We’ll have some end of the year thoughts in the next few weeks!

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