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Feb 27 2010

Having House Guests

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Hannah had her friend come over to spend the night tonight. It’s been a while since we’ve had an overnight guest. The boys have been more cooperative and less pestering. All kids grow up. I’ve spent the evening scouring my desk and office area for a missing check. I guess it’s worth any price to get some order out of the chaos.

I wonder if anyone has figure out a way to make weekends last longer? If you figure it out, I’d gladly subscribe to the service. There isn’t any big news happening at this point – or maybe I’m not looking close enough. Nathan has started expanding his vocabulary and you never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. No, nothing shocking – just so grown up. For instance “mom, mom, mom, mom” isn’t good enough any more. Now it’s “mom, I’m talking to you!” Laura and I realized today that Nathan has missed out on some of the story book reading that Hannah and Joshua got. So I got him to sit down and listen to a few stories before daddy zonked out and he said, “Dad, if you don’t mind, I’m going downstairs.” Talk about left hanging… what could I say other than, “OK, son, have fun.”

I’ll try to pay more attention this week and report back next time. Until then – leave a comment so we know that there’s still people paying attention.

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Feb 12 2010

What’s up in 2010? Being hacked, that’s what!

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Where have we been?  Well, frankly, we’ve been down.  My dad (our most loyal reader) called late at night a few weeks back and told Laura (I don’t wake up for phone calls – or much else) that when he visited our site, it showed up for about 5 seconds and then redirected to some Russian site that wasn’t suitable for family viewing.

I tried to fix it real quick and when I saw that I couldn’t.  I just took the site down.  Reinstalled our blogging software and fixed the database and now we are back in business – I think.  So if you see a criminal element around here, be sure to alert the neighborhood watch!

If you were scared off by visiting and being shocked that theKelsey’s were promoting such garbage – we hope you’ll come back!

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