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Jun 19 2008

Did I say once a week?

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Oh, a week went by yesterday – but we are still in the next week… I hope you are forgiving. I don’t have a theme for this blog post, just some recent pictures from the kids.

Cruisin’ with the Kelseys

Caleb is free with the pictures while riding in the van. This is a view from the family view mirror.

Here’s Nathan to Caleb’s left.

And here’s Hannah in her own world on his right.

Caleb has quite a few self portraits. I’m working on pulling those together into a slide show or a collage or something, stay tuned.

The latest thing

The boys have just been ga ga for their Wii. We are trying to help them to appreciate temperance with this new activity. But right now they are excited by this little guy…

That would be "Lego Indy Jones!" We’ll try to get you a recording of Nathan cheering them on…

I know throwing up a couple of pictures real quick is a cheezy excuse – but hey, I could’ve just left you hanging for a week or two.

We are getting geared up for another Peacemaking weekend. This time in Ottumwa, IA. Yes, Ottumwa is right in the middle of all this flooding mess. We’ll see what we have to face when we get there.

Speaking of Peacemaking, I have my paperwork in to my mentor. We’ll be talking about that together to make sure I have everything he needs to approve me. I then just need to turn in my independent paperwork. I plan on finishing that off over the next two weeks. Then I’ll be able to graduate in September! I’m sooo close!

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Jun 11 2008

Playing Catch Up (What? Catsup?)

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We’ve been so busy living, that blogging has sagged a bit. Well no more! Starting this month you will see at least one blog entry every week! Oh, it’s the 11th? Well, last week we were at Camp Meeting… we were in the sticks… What can you do.

The Latest On the Car

First off, I think the biggest response I’ve gotten from people is that my car was wrecked. “Hey how are you doing? I saw on your blog that you wrecked your car.”
Ok, that was the end of March. It’s June now. But the lesson is learned. If it isn’t blogged, it didn’t happen. The car is fixed.

Hannah Continues With the Piano

Hannah was getting a little weary of having to practice. But she loves her teacher, and she loves her annual recital – so we’ll hang on a little longer. She’s back to practicing sans the complaining.

The Camera Is a Hit

The kids have produced more pictures, soundtracks, and even videos than I can possibly put up here – unless I just dumped them all on you. So instead of that, I’ll stick in some “flashback” posts and try to include more of them. Oh yes, very very soon. Here’s a sample shot. This is us at camp meeting. What’s typical about this shot? What’s atypical? If you can’t answer this question, I invite you to get to know us better. Or just call Laura, she’ll know.

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