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Oct 26 2009

Some things kids say

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Your kids know you better than you know yourself.

I was sitting at my computer yesterday. Nathan was sitting next to me using my laptop. He was browsing the NickJr web site. The site played their jingle, “Nick Jr. is just for me.”

I sang that back to him, I turned to him and said, “Nick Jr. is just for me.”
“No, Dad, Nick Jr. is just for me, you’ve got Fox,” he flatly replied.
Then he repeated for emphasis, “Nick Jr. is just for me.”

I could say that he’s developing a bit of a selfish streak, but that would be just skirting the issue.

He knows where to find Dad. He’s checking out the news on Fox. Or when he gets frustrated that I’m “getting into his business” too much stretch out his arm and point and say, “Daddy, you go to your computer.”

Ah, banished to a life in front of a monitor. Harrumph, some guys have all the luck.

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