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Jan 22 2009

How a republic dies.

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This is a great little video that was referred to me in an e-mail.  It is a great little piece for homeschool students and any adults that are unsure about how all the different political systems compare to each other.  I like the fact that it shows that “left” and “right” are not adequate labels to describe the governmental options.  Check it out.

I would be very interested in what you thought. Feel free to share this link so other people can learn this important lesson, before it’s too late. Copy it from here:

So, what did you think?

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Jan 08 2009

Caleb’s Special Christmas Present

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Caleb wanted to participate in the giving spirit this Christmas.  So what’s a guy to do when he doesn’t have a car, or even permission to walk up to the Walgreen’s on the corner and he has to get a gift.  Well, ya’ get a little creative.

We have water bottles around the house as an available resource, so he decked one up with strips of paper and wrote on them little messages.

Each strip had been layered together and connected with a generous supply of tape.  So much so that the bottom of the bottle was a little sticky.

The messages on the strips of paper were as follows:

  1. Caleb Josh Hannah (heart) and then a pictoral representation of all 6 family members.
  2. A series of 🙂 faces (facing right-side up) encircling the whole bottle (obviously for Dad who is constantly chatting online and sharing :)’s with all).
  3. Merry Christmas I love you.
  4. I Love You repeated all the way around
  5. Mom Dad alternated all the way around
  6. Alternating hearts and Smileys (one with big teeth showing!)

Now, don’t be con-fused, this is not a bottle full of water.  This is a bottle that someone had already refreshed themselves with – it was empty.  Well, not quite empty.  Take a look.

Inside are two things, one is a toy cloak (I believe) and the other thing down at the bottom is a fuse.  It’s a tiny little fuse and I have no idea what it goes to!  But now it goes to Caleb’s Christmas gift.  So, this is a gift “charged” with love.

The moral of this story and the point of the gift is that it’s not the gift, but the giver that counts.  He was very happy to offer it up to us.  He saved it until the very last and brought it out of his room.  Hugs were exchanged all around.  We did have a good Christmas in 2008.

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