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Apr 18 2008

Two Peacemaker Weekends In a Row

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We’re just about to head off to Bolivar, MO for a Peacemaker weekend. Last weekend we were at Sunnydale Adventist Academy. Laura and I will present and the boys will sit patiently. Only this time Hannah is staying home without us. That’s a big step.

I just wanted to post real quick to let the world know that I was up at 4:37 am this morning when the earthquake hit. I thought it was Laura or the boys running down the stairs. Then I realized that nobody but me is up at that hour. Then everything really started to sway and shake. The whole house was wobbling – it was very disconcerting. It woke Laura and Joshua up.

It turned out to be a 5+ quake about 127 miles east of here.

But ultimately we overcame and survived. I can only image what a mess we’d be if an actual disaster occurred. Maybe we should prepare, maybe we all should be more prepared.

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Apr 10 2008

Celebration of Great Grandma Doris

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Great Grandma Doris is celebrating her 90th birthday this weekend. We aren’t able to travel to be with her. But thanks to technology we can share some thoughts. We went for the educational historical angle. I was able to show some pictures – newscast style. But I couldn’t figure out how to do that AND use my green screen to full effect. It was fun, and we’re learning how to do this kind of stuff.

So what do you think? I hope you could hear it all…

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